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Character Sheet

Vagranti Serafina Angelita Velasquez y Morales de Altamira
Player Name: Corker O'Shea
Nationality: Castillian
Arcana: Willful
Memberships: Rose and Cross

Brawn: 2
Finesse: 3
Wits: 3
Resolve: 2
Panache: 3

Advantages: Avalon (R/W), Castillian (R/W), Cresent (R/W), Montaigne (R/W), Thean (R/W), Vodacce (R/W), R&C Secret, R&C Vow, Indomitable Will, University

Background Amnesia 1

Reputation: 18
Reputation Dice: 1

Civil Skills:

Courtier: Dancing (1), Ettiquette (1), Fashion (1), Oratory (1)
Scholar: History (1), Mathematics (1), Philosophy (1), Research (1)
Spy: Shadowing (1), Stealth (1)

Martial Skills:

Athlete: Climbing (2), Footwork (2), Sprinting (1), Throwing (1)
Fencing: Attack (3), Parry (3)
Dirty Fighting: Attack(DF) (1)
Ride: Riding (1)

Other Abilities:
  • All strega must make 2 Raises to affect Serafina with Sorte
  • 0-point Patron Maritza de Avilia, her Domini
  • Access to the secret libraries of the Rose and Cross
  • Lost Art: Ignore Pain (once per Act, ignore the effects of being Crippled)
  • Distinctive Scar: All attempts to disguise Serafina need to make one Raise to be effective.


Serafina Angelita Velasquez y Morales de Altamira is the fourth daughter of a minor Soldano noble family from Altamira. She's nineteen or twenty, average height and with a lithe, dancer's build. Like most Castillians, her hair is dark and straight; she keeps it long and tied or braided back. Her eyes are similarly dark and laughing; she is usually wearing an impish smile, or a little less impish and a little more feral in a fight. Her voice is a pleasant alto, and she speaks with forthright confidence and assurance.

North Castillians have paler skin, and Serafina shares the trait - but she tans easily, and spending most of her time outdoors has left her face and arms brown. The exception is the pale scar that runs from her left temple, past the edge of her eye to just above the corner of her mouth. Not only does it not tan, it turns bone-white when she's agitated (upset, angry, or embarassed).

She would not normally be seen without her blue Rose and Cross tabard, the uniform of a Vagranti or fully-initiated Wandering Knight.

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